Translucent overlay drawing APP icon tutorial, simple five steps to let you learn

Since the beginning of 2016, many APP designers seek a new APP icon design style, there are many beautiful icon design style, integration of flat, small fresh, gradient, MBE and other design style to draw their own style of UI design works.

Today, 25 schools share with you a set of translucent overlay APP icon tutorial, a simple five steps to make you learn quickly.


First look at what is the translucent overlay style APP icon?

Translucent overlay draw app Icon

It’s very familiar and refreshing to see the APP icons drawn by these semi transparent overlay.

These works are common on the web, and have been shown on the previous mobile phone theme interface.




Now let’s see what five steps we can take to make these beautiful APP icons.


Translucent overlay APP icon design tutorial

Translucent overlay style icon in the UI China, small practice, cool station have some tutorials, some APP design and then saw them down.
Beauty designer in Guangzhou:Liangxinqi    Gives some suggestions to you APP icon design novice:
1. bad shape will affect the visual performance of the entire icon, such as the first icon is not good shape, pen tool is not very skilled.

2. this translucent overlay style icon is mainly based on the inner glow, Inner Shadow Gradient Overlay (change transparency) and projection design.

The 3. projection set to overlay mode will appear more fused with the background.

With this in mind, let’s start with the translucent overlay APP icon tutorial. I wish you all progress everyday

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