Do 2 artifact PPT presentation design: Tagul and CollageIt Pro

The birth of new products and new technology to the Internet life, every meeting, every conference, every product is need excellent PPT presentation as a means of publicity.

So today, the PPT presentation design has become a new high paying field for designers. A good PPT presentation designer can achieve good results.

For example, these days are held in Yunxi conference, the following is several PPT presentation design works Yunxi conference.

A case study of presentation design for cloud Conference


In order to do a good job in PPT presentation design, we can use some good artifact to help us make.


Here are 25 small school to share with you the 2 artifact * 009


The first PPT presentation design artifact: Tagul – Word Cloud Art

Tagul is a word cloud online generation tool, it can be used to produce the following text effects

The finished products are as follows:


The artifact is also very simple to operate:

Chinese text cloud tools

Official website: kuzhan artifact



Second artifact CollageIt Pro image stitching tool: super simple, easy to use to create exquisite texture mapping software

Multi picture typesetting artifact

1. Powerful and easy to operate

Collageit Pro is a simple and easy to use automatic collage Photo software, photo automatic collage only three steps: add photos, set parameters, and generate collage preview, save to the image format, such as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, GIF, etc., the effect is very dazzling.

2, more support formats, rich parameter settings

The software supports the preservation of the format is very rich, including BMP, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIF etc.. At the same time set the size of the photo, photo frames, shadows, margins, automatic rotation mode, sparse mode, page size and background settings etc..

The use of the operation is also very simple.

Detailed tutorials and software green version download address:


Xiao Bian believes that the above 2 very good PPT demo design artifact: Tagul and CollageIt Pro will help you quickly produce high level presentation.

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