Recommendation: create high-quality designer navigation and Foolo navigation design lion

Benefits, good stuff to share with everyone, this is the school of Jun in the designer will ask some of which design navigation site, so there are a few girls to brother recommended the following 2 excellent designers also said that energy-saving, 2 designers navigation site enough every designer used. Including front-end engineers, interaction designers, product managers and so on.

Very comprehensive, but also suitable for content entrepreneurs collection navigation website.



The first high-quality designer navigation recommendation: create lion ~ creative worker navigation

Designer navigation creating Lions

Create a lion, a creative worker’s attention to navigation, navigation design, share bookmarks of genuine high-quality products, the front-end, operation, design course, design specifications, color collocation, creative inspiration, front frame, developer tools, Internet recommendation and operation data analysis, from the media and tools for navigation tool classification daquan.

Official website:



Second quality designers’ navigation recommendation: Foolo design navigation

Design of navigation &#8211 the most intimate; selection of outstanding domestic and foreign UI/UX, UI design, graphic design, HD material, interactive design, font design, front-end development, ICON, PPT, sketch icon design resources, design, magic design community site navigation.

Foolo design navigation

The basic kuzhan and IOS design specifications, design specifications of Android 25 recommended by the school and naming conventions are sorted out.

Official website:


The emergence of such design navigation website more and more, also convenient for us designers quickly find their own suitable material and inspiration. So you’ll always collect some of these design navigation sites.

Whether or not you have time to go through these recommended sites, more or less will be a little bit of a look. For example, small partners will come to see the 25 school every day, to see what the school gentleman recommended fun fun things for you.


The previously recommended design navigation sites also have:

1, 2 creative design products navigation website: seeseed and wulihub

2, 5 high-quality designer navigation website summary

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