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Today, 25 schools recommend a quality advertising business picture material download station: package map network

Packet network is a relatively young material download site, very personality, focus on providing the highest quality for the electricity supplier Taobao designer, PPT designer and AE interactive animation designers.

Help designers quickly complete the tall works and shop decoration.

Packet graph network

Official website:


At present, the main contents include the package diagram of network advertisement design, Taobao design and PPT template as well as the background and design elements such as the original material, popular demand vector, PSD source files, PPT template download service. The follow-up will also provide artistic and video materials.

All material package diagram by the package designers and designers signed professional network output, by screening and strict examination, to ensure that works well with the original copyright works of high quality and low price of genuine free download service for the user.


Packet diagram network flagship four aspects of the material:

1, Taobao design category:

Including Taobao posters, Taobao home page, Taobao details page, Taobao festival activities, Taobao comprehensive template and other categories;

2, PPT template category:

Including business, general summary plan, financial planning, education and training, Dangzhengjunjing, resume and classification;

3, video material and background material:

Including business, business background, advertising design background, there are flat, Chinese wind, science and technology and other design styles;

4, design elements:

Including icons, art words, LOGO, tags, etc., to provide PSD source files, vector and other formats downloaded.


Especially at the upcoming teachers’ Day material, very little fresh and cool. It’s worth downloading.

2017 teacher's Day material Daquan



Finally, if you are a business Taobao designers and PPT designers and AE animation designer, or short video producers, package diagram nets are good places to download your material.

At the same time, the purpose of package nets is:

Package diagram with “Design network” for the purpose, to become one of the outstanding design website, specializing in advertising design, Taobao design, looking for one of the most easy to spread, the full sense of design, creative work, encourage designers to upload and share his good works, and good communication with the actual user, is provided a learning exchange, free creation platform design.

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