Designers create logo designs for love, late Tanabata gifts

Tanabata just past three days, 25 school Xiaobian due to various reasons, delayed the renewal of the school. And bless you all on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

So at the beginning of September 1st, share a group of designers to love the topic of logo design works to share with you.


1, love travel Love travel



2, Love Sunset love sunrise

Basic RGB


3, Lion Heart about love logo design process logo

Basic RGB


4, to highlight the kiss of love sweet love. The charm of logo design



5, heart symbol explore logo design



6, the fitness of love


7, the harmonious coexistence of love between cats and dogs


Also hinted and hope that Jingdong and Tmall’s love of electricity providers, for consumers to create more love products and services.

8, shaping the action of love

The designer quickly teach you how to express your love


9, the most classic love hand


10, the creation of love every day, is the greatest existence of the designer

Caughtlove Ghostinlove_r Secret-Love


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