Appreciation of the design works of logo designers from New York — creative design of letters

Here are the creative design inspired letters designed by logo from the hands of designers in New York, USA. Very cool and imagination.


1, Pencil C



M grid Logo 2, creative design gorilla



3, R Grid




4, M and W

Asset_13-100_1x M_1x



5, VC

Vc_1x Vc_2_1x


6, F letter grid design skills



7, A4 combination logo design method



Enjoy more letters and creative design work, designers can go to New York after wave network home to enjoy the more creative design letter surprises waiting for you at the same time, the 25 schools share today are tutorials can learn and copy the alphabet design.

Should we all look letter design logo is so simple, as long as our imaginations, will use simple design geometry method can design a good logo works.

New York designer homepage:

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