To enhance the creative aesthetic ability of designers, we should appreciate the works of UI designers

Aesthetic ability is a required course for designers. To edify sentiment, to enlighten wisdom, to design inspiration is of great importance. The level of aesthetic ability also plays a very important role in the cultivation and development of a designer’s observation, imagination and creativity.

APP designers must be able to develop their own creative aesthetic ability, can quickly collect a large number of excellent design materials, and then make their own UI visual works.

The following 25 schools share a very good UI designer:

Designer name: Brenton Beijing / design enthusiast

Designer’s home page address:
Cool station address:

Most of the following are from the hands of the designer. Enjoy it!

Cloud2 Fantastic_planet Fantastic_planet_006 Fantastic_planet_007 Fantastic_planet_008 One Protection

The design of logo- letter CIcon design exercise

When you see these perfect UI designs, do you have the urge to learn?

If you want to learn, you can see the tutorial shared by the designer Brenton:
Designers mainly use the following 2 methods to draw these beautiful UI design works.

UI icon drawing method
Cool station address:

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