A key to generate three App icon size share all.

At present, many App Design novice do not know how to generate a variety of APP icon size, in fact, very simple.

At present, there are many online App to generate a key icon of all sizes and tools. 25 school not long winded here, size and size detailed fillet size you can go to iOS and Android APP start to see the icon icon.

The common IOS and Android have introduced inside the icon size.

There are 2 ways to generate common icon sizes for APP:

The first one: according to the design of the APP icon size, adjust the size of the icon icon size.

Second: complete with third party artifact and online generation icon icon tool.



Today the 25 school to share with you three a key generation App icon of all sizes.

The following three key to generate App icons all sizes of tools, you can generate the Icon icon of each platform, pro testing can instantly feel hang tool.


The first workshop: cool Icon

The rapid generation of iOS, a key Android, Windows Phone, WebApp, iWatch (watchOS), PhoneGap (Cordova) and other mobile platforms of different size (dimensions) of the App icon, quick preview, provides rich options, can be directly packaged and released to the market, and provide the corresponding PSD template.

APP icon factory

Official website: http://icon.wuruihong.com/

As long as the upload picture up, it generates all kinds of sizes!

Download after decompression of compressed packets into the Assets.xcassets folder, you can replace the Assets.xcassets folder!



Second: YDImage.

Automatic generation, automatic export, APP icon, Android icon, IOS icon, iPhone icon, iPad Icon

One button to generate AppIcon size Icon

Official website: http://ydimage.yidianhulian.com/




3, aTool online tools

The online batch sizes of iOS and Android APP all cut LOGO Icon

Batch size tailoring on line

Official website: http://www.atool.org/ios_logo.php


In addition, if you are a MAC computer, you can install a * 039 artifactDownload this software in Apple store, specifically used to generate a variety of size ratio of icon, a lot of praise, on the development of icon can be automatically generated.

Then drag your icon into the can, generate various sizes of these icons as shown below:

One key generation AppIcon

Reasonable use of these key generation tools, can greatly reduce our working time, improve the efficiency of the design.

If you like these, you can try these next online generation tools:

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