Android icon template and icon grid design standard (download with PSD)

At present, Android system has been updated to Android 7.1, while Google has announced a new generation of independent mobile phone Pixel, PixelXL, and the first equipped with Android 7.1.

But, as APP designers must understand the new characteristics of the system, such as the Android 7.1 system ofCircular application icons supportDevelopers can provide beautiful round icon resources that match the appearance of Pixel and other starters.


So, we APP UI designers need to have a detailed understanding of the grid standards for the Android icon. Such as square icons, round icons, square icons, and so on. It must be strictly implemented according to the grid design standard! Otherwise, it will cause Android icons to match when the icons appear blurred and deformed.


Today, the 25 school share a very standardized Android APP icon template, while providing PSD template download.

The Android icon template is mainly related to the icon design for the above Android 5 system grid template, it allows you to quickly design a Android5.0 related professional icon, is one of the necessary template material APP designer.

The purpose of this Android icon template is to teach you to draw a standardized icon icon with a grid system.




This set of Android Grid Psd (Template for Android L icon) is Guangzhou’s APP designer and finishing share. The size of design original PSD file which is xxHdpi (1920X1080). Attention must be paid to the designers.

The designer of the chase wave net home page: the blog to share a lot of Android design work and experience.


At the same time, through the Android icon template, you can learn the application of grid system in the design. The 25 school also hopes you can learn a lot of grid system design knowledge.


Android icon template and icon grid design standard PSD Download: download immediately

25 school Baidu SkyDrive download link:: password: 67w5


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