Three important elements of LOGO design: color matching, logo and text name

An excellent LOGO design consists of the following three necessary parts:

Part 1: a text name.

A good name will not only give the brand strength, but also has a good recognition of, even if the user does not see the good name from Slogan can also taste the product. Such names are most valuable.

The meaning and characteristics of the LOGO design are usually in compliance with the name, and when the selected portion of text font, you should bypass those too gimmick font, should not choose rival common font types, actually custom fonts, or a simplified element is often the key to win the user acceptance.

A well-designed LOGO can even make the user feel trust and become an outstanding brand.


The second part: a logo

A. graphics mainly

B. text oriented

Combination of C. graphics and text


The third part: color is the core of logo visual design

In fact, there is no design element that can be divorced from color. You need to grab the attention of the user in all ways, especially with color. Bold colors, bright colors, exquisite collocation, gentle tone, you need to use the appropriate program to show the character of the brand, transfer different meaning.

Two million three hundred and thirty-four thousand one hundred and ninety-seven

Red: courage, character, dynamic

Two million two hundred and eighty-two thousand six hundred and eighty-one

Orange: innovation, passion, optimism

Two hundred and thirty-four thousand nine hundred and twelve

Black: strong and confident

Two hundred and thirty-three thousand five hundred and eighty-five

Green: natural, organic, inspiring

Two million one hundred and seventy-one thousand five hundred and eighty-two

Brown: traditional, authentic, warm

Two hundred and thirty-six thousand two hundred and eighteen

Blue: confident, clear, serene and reliable

Two hundred and twenty-six thousand six hundred and forty-seven

Yellow: bright, optimistic, creative

Two hundred and twenty-four thousand three hundred and ninety-four

Purple: interesting, elegant, nostalgic

Two hundred and thirty-seven thousand eight hundred and seventy-three

Pink: playful and interesting



1, beautiful LOGO how to color it?

Light tones are more effective in color matching, because they can convey more information. But at the same time, too bright color should be avoided as far as possible, too high saturation will give people a dazzling feeling. LOGO is not a stage for contrasting colors.

One million eight hundred and fifty-eight thousand five hundred and seventy-nine

Neutral color schemes will be more elegant, but they can also make users tired. If the color scheme is applied to the brand color, it is easy to be gradually ignored in the long time contact. Important information should be bold, clear and profound, so as to attract attention.


Finally, 25 school Xiaobian characteristics of various elements, a perfect LOGO should include this brand, but also to keep simple and accurate. Only enough skilled operation, so the design is simple and consistent. There are three words can be summed up this feature Designer: 3P – efficiency, patience, precision (Productivity, Patience, Precision).


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