Free download 300 thousand flat icons to share: iconsfind

Recently, some netizens with school Jun shared a very good quality of foreign flat icons cool, the name of iconsfind.

A free download of 300500 high quality icon material website.

It is a flat picture material in PNG format. Only need to open the icon with page, save as you can.

It’s also a good place for our mobile APP designers to download and learn inspiration.

Official website:


1, you can quickly find the icon material you want through the classification of the website:

Iconsfind icon classification

2, for example, a group of school you love very cute little animal icons

For example, this group of very cute animals pictures material

Png download address:


Of course, the official also collected a lot of different icons, I hope you can find what you want in this treasure among the icons. It’s also a good place to collect icon material.

Cool site: Download 350500 Free Icons On IconsFind


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