Teach you to use PS paths to draw APP linear icon tutorials

In fact, when we design APP with PS, most of our linear icons are basically done by pen + path. If you haven’t learned how to use the PS path tool, take a look at the tutorials below!

25 school Xiaobian below to introduce a fast composition, a learning will, package teaching package will draw APP linear icon method.

Remember three points: one is the tool shape and filling, two stroke effect, three is using the pen tool to remove the useless anchor path.

The composition method: subtraction.

This can be done with APP linear icons for IOS and Android’s two platforms.

Teach you to use PS paths to draw APP linear icon tutorials


Use PS drawing tool path:

1, pen tool – draw path.

2, path selection tool — adjust path size.

3, the direct spear point selection tool adjust the spear point position.

4, angle of tool path to adjust the angle and use fillet


Before the 25 school also share with the mobile phone APP icon design common sense: linear icon style rendering and ready-made linear icons download.

APP icon to download resources:

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2, how to quickly find the iOS APP tab bar and toolbar Design Icon

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4, 21 excellent iOS7 line _iOS7 line material Daquan icon icon set



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