APP design daily lesson: clock ICON rapid prototyping boutique UI course

This week’s free ICON rapid prototyping boutique UI course is the clock UI design video tutorials. Animation education teacher in simple statements, and quick and easy to use PS techniques to teach you in just half an hour, complete works fast clock ICON.

As the clock below, ICON UI draws the interface:

APP icon drawing tutorial

The teacher used PS tools: Photoshop CC

Interested in the UI design of small partners, you can see how the teacher quickly draw the clock ICON?


Read the whole clock ICON rapid prototyping boutique UI courses, 25 school I believe everyone will be harvested.

Last week we shared the APPUI daily lesson: ICON, a fast prototyping video quality course


Of course, the 25 school also shared a lot of video courses on APP design. Everybody has time to watch more! Very good free UI design open class.

1, how APP was designed [APP design video tutorials]

2. Share the designer’s Cafe boutique course “mobile terminal UI design”

3, the design of APP video tutorial: best tutorial APP novice


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