2016 enjoy the latest foreign brand creative logo design

This is a group of very high quality foreign creative logo brand design appreciation collected by the 25 school. Share from Logo Collection 2015-2016.

And each group of logo logo design is very abstract and specific, the design ratio is also very harmonious. It’s a good source of inspiration for logo’s design.

Creative logo design abroad

Original address of foreign design website: https://www.behance.net/gallery/38662815/Logo-Collection-2015-2016

If you are designing your logo, 25 school Xiaobian believe that the following logo material is worth your possession.

1, 10 free circular logo logo design material download

2, a group of Chinese appreciate logo font design examples, worthy of worship

3, the whole set of brand Logo design and Vi design works to appreciate, quickly steal the bar

4, a complete set of Logo design scheme and Logo design specification learning

5, 17 high quality Logo design model PSD material download free

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