The education industry flat APP icon design [PSD] of learning

Many APP design partners, especially the newly started UI design partners, are difficult to learn how to draw APP icons. I don’t think I’ve ever studied a professional aesthetic course. In fact, as long as more practice, more copies of excellent APP icon works.

Today the 25 schools share a set of education industry flat APP icon design, you can download the PSD source file copying and learning.

As shown below, the education industry flattened APP icon:

Education flat icon design material


Education flat icon design material 2

Of course, this is only part of the APP icon material. And many of these educational flat icon material. Everyone can download each one APP icon PSD source file.

Download address:


Download the specific steps:

Click on the flat icon you want to download – go to the icon download detail page –

Detailed address:

Download flat icon PSD

The last step: click on the flat icon that downloads the PSD format.


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