Online stealing iOS APP icon sharp weapon recommended – icoicon

When we design the APP icon, in addition to see all the famous APP icon for inspiration. At the same time also need to learn some skills and attention to APP icon design specification. If you don’t know APP icon design size, you can see “iOS and Android mobile phone standard size APP icons and icon naming specification” and “iOS and the Android APP icon icon size and fillet size.”

Today, the 25 school Xiaobian teach you how to steal someone online APP icon.

Is actually very simple, with the aid of the overseas online icon stolen tools can be completed in one step.

The first step: open the Get Full-Size App Icon website

Icoicon- steal APP Icon

To address: itunesurl=?


The second step: go to APPstore to find you want to steal a APP address.

For example: we are going to steal eLong APP icon. You can search keywords in Baidu: 012.

We first find the eLong iOS download address:


Copy this address into the input box and click search. As shown in the following picture:

Elong app


The third step: you can save as APP icon.

This is the app APP icon icon lovers collection the fastest convenient online steal iOS APP icon tool.

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