Logo design video: 2 creative Chinese fonts graphic design video

This is the font graphic design logo video tutorial of the simplest 25 schools share, shared by the founder of excellent Chinese font design website Zhang Jia and Liu Bingke Bryant font design dry cargo.

That is the lesson we mainly explain logo design tutorial: three Chinese font graphic design creative steps.

If you want to change the Chinese font as the logo of the product, try this method.


The three step process mainly turned detailed analysis of font creation, mainly the following three,

The first step: the first basic shape

The second step: then understand the original meaning of the font

The third step: finally, expand fonts with originality


Today’s shared graphic design case is the taste of love

The font of graphic design case


Mainly on a common design method of logo: * 018

Before the start, first to understand the design approach of font design most basic foundation such as bold, italic, change, change color or word spacing at the same time, all the advanced techniques are based on the extension and expansion or breakthrough.

Points for attention in graphic design of typeface in specific design process

(1), web design is mainly design to convey information, any of the design purpose is to allow users to quickly and effectively to the information, at the same time not to grandiose design skills and the first, the most important is to guarantee the recognition;

(2) font is not isolated, is one of the contents of the page, in the design of the need to consider and other around the page elements of harmony, strengthen the overall atmosphere of the creation of the page.


Below we understand these basic knowledge, specifically to look at the three step Chinese font creative graphic designSudden practice.

The first lesson: Zhang Jia’s typeface graphic design


“Second class:” nocturne “Liu Bingke” font font design course in evening classes

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