Using AI to design beautiful diffuse shadow style LOGO tutorial

This AI diffuse shadow LOGO tutorial comes from the UEgood team, snow sister. The design element is the logo of the 25 school. The design effect is as follows:



Here’s how to use AI to design such a beautiful diffuse shadow style LOGO with 25 schools of small series

1, use polygon tool and pen path to draw hexagon and 25 basic glyph



2, the use of small white arrow character and hexagonal rounded out. Select or smooth tool – wipe line – until satisfied



3, use round tools to make 6 circles, the color is as follows.



4, selected 3 round, menu – object – mixed – build. After the 3 round will repeat this step.



5, select the 2 path and the gradient bar, menu object hybrid replace axis.



6, select the 5 path and the gradient bar, menu object hybrid replace axis.

7, copy 25 characters, moving into position projection, transparency 60%.

8, remove the hexagon strokes, menu – style – projection.

9, projection parameters such as graph.

10, select the projection of 2 words, effect blur Gauss blur.



The final results are as follows:



Such a beautiful AI making colorful mass shadow font is complete, you can change the font color for a draw.

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