Logo design learning: elegant logo design for letter distortion

Logo design has always been difficult to touch the designer. Good logo design is needed for a long time to complete the design, modification. So, don’t have time to help with the designer, the design of a logo! Ha ha ~ ~!

Today is just over the weekend, 25 school Xiaobian to gather a group of very beautiful letters to LOGO by deformation design works.

It is also the most commonly used logo design technique. Basic design principles and design techniques of website logo design


Just look at the pictures!





Portfolio-2-03_1x Logo design letter deformationLilpuds-01_1x Lo2_artboard_8_copy_1x Letter distortion logo design 2 Letter distortion logo design 3 Letter distortion logo design 4 Letter deformation logo design 5





All of these are collected and displayed by some excellent logo design works abroad. The main purpose is to have a good look at the letters by which the logo designers came from.

It’s an inspiration for logo design learning.

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