Basic design principles and design techniques of website logo design

Logo can not be PC end users to remember that directly determines the user can think of you in the subconscious, and then think of your products and services. Through the image of logo, allows users to remember the main company and brand culture, service concept.

This is also the purpose and significance of good website design logo design. So, 25 school start-up companies should pay more attention to recommend good Logo design or logo design is the site.

Today, the 25 school will talk to you about the basic design principles and design techniques of the website logo design.


What is website logo design?

In fact, the logo brand design on the network, can be said to be the site of the logo design. LOGO is an important manifestation of the image of the website.


Common specifications and dimensions of website logo design

1, 88*31 this is the earliest LOGO specifications on the internet.

2, 120*60 this specification for the general size of the LOGO.

3, the 120*90 specification for large LOGO.

The size required by Baidu for logo design is: 121*75, 200*200px


Basic principles of website logo design

Website logo design should pay more attention to grasp the tension of things, in the condensed culture, background, objects, ideas and various design principles on the tone, to achieve the most impulsive visual expression of objects.

Website logo design case

Talk about the design principle of logo, same as other logo design principles:

Principle 1, following the law of people’s cognition.

The understanding of the law, for example, from top to bottom, from left to right, from small to large, from far to near visual habits; for example by antecedent reasoning to the consequences, have the source water thinking habits; and people’s aesthetic ability and aesthetic psychology.

Principle two, the theme should be highlighted

The designers should know very well positioning and development direction of the site, to summarize the concept of the site in the confusion between.

Principle three, eye-catching

The visual effect is strong – easy to identify, recognize and remember.

House of logo


The design method of website logo mainly has the following several kinds:

(25 schools will be followed by each logo design techniques, one by one)

The appearance of the way;

Representational technique;

The technique of metaphor;

Marking technique;

Cartoon technique;

The geometric shaped technique; the core skills of Logo design: focus on geometric elements

The gradual passage way.


Creative online trademark design registration logo works

The identification technique, cartoon technique and geometric form method is the most commonly used design methods of logo website.

Identification technique is the phonetic symbols mark, text, prefix letters to design logo; cartoon skill through exaggeration and humorous cartoon image design logo;

Geometric shape method is to use point, line, surface, square, round, polygon or three-dimensional space and other geometric figures to design logo.

Of course, the design is often based on a gimmick, several techniques staggered use.


The general process of the design of the website logo, or the design process of the logo

In this 25 schools summed up the general process of everyone summed up.

1. understand customer requirements (brand positioning, application areas, the desired color patterns, text content, etc.)

2. sketches

3. from sketch to computer, become a vector

4. adjust color, texture, variation and detail

5. after the final extension of other VI (stationery, business cards, and even shop decoration)

Among them, 3, 4, 5 steps to communicate with customers constantly.

25 the small series that generally strive to design the website logo toThe information is clear, simple style, eye-catching.


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