Seven tips to teach you to get tall on the text logo animation design

25 school today to see such a great home station in cool, including a “chat text animation logo Dafa” brought school Jun attention, so a good appreciation of the man with the king of a martial arts cheats touch one deeply in the heart.

That’s the theme of today’s shared APP design:Seven tips to teach you to get tall on the text logo animation design.

Let’s follow the small series together to learn some of the commonly used logo animation text conversion in the main points of display:

Taxi effect, blur effect, gradient effect, typing effect, color transition effect, flash effect.

Text logo animation design method


First, the most basic text animation of text logo

The most direct is the basic thought of “text animation”, based on the basic characteristics of the “text” position, rotation, zoom, transparency, fill and stroke to keyframe animation, can word by word, also can complete a sentence to do animation, play very much. For example the “physical impact” with two position and rotation properties to achieve the effect of.




Second strokes: the text of logo MG wave flow

MG is popular in the wind almost swept the arena in recent years, the basic can be used to describe the. From the visual sense, through simple elements, rich sports design and proper and create the impact of fresh and beautiful, natural play also very much, the minimalist example of geometric elements to the text on the basis of the basic property of motion of the text, to achieve the effect of. Good after, also can make the picture more rich and interesting, certainly must remember: do not form than content!



Third, the text logo gesture animation

With intelligent devices to the wind, “gesture animation” also will be hot. O with you here to say is true that gesture gestures, to participate in the animation, equivalent to visual display with gestures like mobile phone. The translation is based on animation, text animation on the “hand” elements, such as the following example.


The fourth trick: text logo particle dissipation animation

In addition to a play based on text animation on the outside, of course we can continue to open the brain hole, such as “particle animation”, especially in the AE, using a variety of plug-ins such as Trapcode Particular, Trapcode particles such as Form, can be cool to play together, such as the particle dissipation animation class.





The fifth trick: text logo energy shock animation

When the production of logo animation text, also can draw inspiration from the animation, such as adding energy shock wave concept, combined with the text meaning of logo itself, let cool a little more visual effect.




Sixth trick: logo text animation light effect

God said, “let there be light,” and there was light. Well, the animation has to be bright, so it’s lit up. Light, you can play is also a lot of gray, more detailed after the elements subdivision, here first simple example, and then continue to chat with small partners more interesting light effect gameplay.




Seventh strokes: logo animation path text

Here is the path not to text path animation, but by other elements such as lines or particle path animation, and finally to “generation” in the form of text with logo. Therefore, the path of creation can make the animation more bright and colorful some based on the following case. Of course, a brain can think of ways of ink path, the bullet path and so on more, talk to you later.


The above seven strokes on the tall text logo animation design method, is a summary of some of the basic text logo animation ideas. Learn the above seven strokes is enough to let your logo design, or APP dynamic efficiency design to a higher level.

Next class, we share the advanced text logo animation design.

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