Foreign mobile interactive platform recommended: uxarchive APP design

Good web design inspiration, not to be missed, the interface to interactive design interface design and APP today 25 schools continue to share with you a special collection of outstanding foreign APP:

Uxarchive is the inspiration for the design of mobile APP platform interactive abroad. A UI to help the designers how to design product update, UI design case analysis to help designers succeed, guide designers to design more excellent products.

Official website:


Here are 25 school small to give you several APP interface design case of removal of the good:

APP interaction design inspiration. APP design inspiration to uxarchive interaction

Isn’t that cool?

The cool app is the unit of the organization, the transverse arrangement of APP interface is very clear. At the same time, it contains the attributes of APP, the meaning of each APP interface. And interactive effects, etc..

A lot of beautiful APP interface design appreciation and absorption of inspiration:



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