Logo design tutorial: the whole process diagram of AI ruler drawing

Today, 25 schools tell you about the common rules of logo design, ruler drawing and some AI drawing skills.

1, what is the ruler?

Ruler refers to the use of no scale ruler and compasses. A ruler does not scale the seemingly cannot do what, to draw a circle and don’t know its radius, and no precise length of the painting line. In fact, ruler of great use, such as single use a compass to find the center of a circle, a measure of the angle and so on. The ruler can draw an equal angle angle, very convenient.

2, the basic requirements of ruler drawing

The rulers and compasses used are imaginary, not exactly the same as they are in reality;

A ruler must be without scale, infinitely long, and can only be used on the fixed side of the ruler. You can only use it to connect two dots together, and you can’t scale them.

The compasses can open to infinite width, but it also cannot have scale. It can only be opened before you constructed over the length of.


The whole process diagram of 3 and AI ruler plotting

Ruler drawing of logo design


Five basic drawing methods of 4 and AI ruler compasses

To make a line segment equal to the known line segment

Make an angle equal to the known angle

As is known, the perpendicular bisector of the line segment

Angle bisector of known angle

Passing the line perpendicular to the known line


Public law 5, AI drawing ruler of the

The following are the basic methods available in the construction of compasses, also known as the drawing public law, and any step of the ruler drawing can be decomposed into the following five methods:

A straight line can be made by two known points.

The circle and radius of the known circle can be used as a circle.

If two known lines intersect, the intersection point can be found.

If the intersection of a straight line and a known circle is known, the intersection point can be obtained.

If the two circle intersection, for the intersection.

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