Beautiful Banner design guide advertising map: style and clever layout

For Banner design, many people think it can be done without too many design ideas. But some designers feel that no matter how to do, do not feel good, not delicate! Total sense of design can not get the desired Banner advertising map.

In fact, the design of banner may not be difficult, but the design of a professional and visual impact of banner, still need to accumulate experience. The designer should strive to each banner own design can withstand various tests, in this small box in truly rhythmical.

Before the 25 schools also share the experience of Banner design APP page summary and finishing specification.


The following 25 schools Xiaobian together with you to learn Banner advertising chart design guide: selected style and typesetting skills.

In other words, inexperienced designers can design Banner advertising charts according to the following process.

The first step: set style

The selected style, this step needs to confirm with the demand side, give some reference, confirm the style, but does not mean copying. When the demand side does not give the requirements, according to the theme to be expressed, select similar style examples, to determine.

Communication is the key, what style should be made clear?

The style of fashion are: wind, wind, wind, fresh retro cool wind, minimalist style etc..

Banner design style

In the design of frequently denied, more need to determine what they want, and from their own point of view to understand the theme of what made the. When there is inconsistent, problems arise.

Although different people have different views, creative ideas – mining integration, which made banner more in line with demand.


The second step: the use of layout techniques


Banner layout

(1), 6 principles banner layout: alignment principle, gather principle (closeness), repetition principle, comparative principle, principle of space (space, reduce the pressure), the noise reduction principle (too much color, font too much, too complicated graphics)
(2) banner format of Electronic Commerce (combined with the last three forms: background + text, background + subject + text, subject + text)

(3) typesetting design: this part is the focus of banner, font design method has also been studied before, but the key is to apply to practice. Remember the main points: to highlight the key points, size, thickness, patchwork, appropriate to add some creative graphics and text combination.

Banner advertising map design, font design must be clear, so that users can more easily read more fluent.


Banner design case appreciation


The third step: the rules and guidelines for you to remember

Some tips for making banner look good:

1. alignment: it’s easy to do, let the content of the vertical, horizontal line has a line, can align. Either center or bottom. Try to make sure that there is no element on the page, and that no element is aligned with it.

2. close: don’t let all the contents are not gathered together, so that the relatively close relationship between the content of aggregate into a region, do not let a banner area of more than 4.

3, let more background texture. For example, add a matte feel. In fact do beautification more.

4. simple texture: do not add any PS filters, and can not change the shadow gradually, because it’s not popular, do not blindly use a variety of styles.

5. if you want to use icons, try to choose the style uniform, and can keep you the precedence chart, such as above, we now clearly guide users to look left, look right, you on the right side of the icon in the choice of a blood red, may the user’s line of sight immediately attracted by.

6. don’t let more than 3 fonts. Try to use the font, bold, bold with the founder, what style body, do not see Xingkai, comparison of copycat.

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