The core technique of Logo design: focus on the use of geometric graphic elements

Logo design, many years engaged in the design of friends think it is difficult, in fact, as long as the master of skills and related knowledge of color collocation, a bright logo will soon be born.

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As is known to all, geometric figures have innate recognition. When you design LOGO, you can start with the most basic circles, triangles and rectangles, and choose one or more graphics as the basis.


Today, the 25 school to teach you some of the commonly used logo core skills of design. Use of these geometrical elements. The logo of these outstanding design works.

Geometric figure of logo design 2

Geometry is not only the foundation of constructing LOGO, but also an important means to transmit information and communicate with users:

1, circular / annular ring is typical itself contains lacking beginning and end, the meaning of sports. Rings and circles are often associated with women, with the meaning of love, energy, and power, and are often endowed with infinite and harmonious meaning.

2, square: it is the most common form, and often gives people the meaning of equality and rules. It is synonymous with stability and trust, but at the same time, it is also seen as a representation of boredom and mediocrity because of its universal existence.

3, triangle triangle: mainly contains stability, power and energy, but it is also a conflict, insecurity and emotional characteristics, but this is usually triangular pointed down when people feel.

4. Cross: the cross represents religion, with the meaning of health, hope and balance.

In addition, 25 schools also share with you a WeChat circle of friends logo design tutorials. It’s simple and easy to design with geometric graphic elements.

The design of LOGO graphics application

See here, do you think we can make good use of geometrical elements rapid design logo design work you want?

If there is an impulse, go ahead!

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