The LOGO design method of 10 commonly used Chinese logo font

Whether you want Chinese font design or LOGO logo design, these 10 commonly used logo design methods are what you have to learn.

If you’re trying to design a website’s logo or APP’s logo. You may want to see 10 commonly used Chinese logo font design LOGO design method. LOGO design commonly used 30 skills and 9 design specifications [design dry sharing]

Color logo design inspiration 3

Extended reading: there are three kinds of specifications about the website’s LOGO:

The most popular LOGO specification on A and 88*31 px.

B, 120*60px the specifications for the size of the LOGO.

C, 120*90px this specification for large LOGO.


Straight to the theme, let us follow the 25 school Xiaobian to see these 10 commonly used Chinese font design LOGO design method. 10 Chinese font design commonly used design method of LOGO

The following is the 25 school to share with you about the logo design tutorials and knowledge points:

1, a complete set of Logo design scheme and Logo design specification learning

2, the design of the Logo to learn to force the grid line: auxiliary line technique

3, 17 high quality Logo design model PSD material download free

4, LOGO design common sense interpretation: what is the Logo design skeleton?

5, 2016LOGO class design inspiration: the magic of colour

In addition, there are information maps of four creative design methods of LOGO shared by logo design great God

LOGO design, I do not know where to start, after reading this article, may give you more ideas.


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