A complete set of Logo design scheme and Logo design specification learning

LOGO design is also a work that our designers often face in their lives. If you’re a mobile APP designer, a graphic designer, a web designer, etc.. It’s all about this kind of problem. How to design a LOGO in the end?

First of all, the 25 school recommended that you choose the tools and software design LOGO is AI and other vector software. Because a lot of career planners design LOGO, they’re all AI design tools.

Second, Logo design requires a complete set of programs and processes. Or LOGO design is also a logo design specification. If you’re new, you can learn from the following Logo design specifications.

The following is a lOGO design specification iFLYTEK user experience design center.

Logo design complete case and specification

25 schools think the logo design is a relatively complete LOGO design scheme and design specification. It is worth learning to learn our LOGO. Of course, before also to share some of the design of logo dry cargo.

For example, logo designs dry goods:

1, the design of the Logo to learn to force the grid line: auxiliary line technique

2, 17 high quality Logo design model PSD material download free

3, LOGO design tutorials: color matching and PS color steps

4, APP icon LOGO design font design tutorial [unique]

5, LOGO design commonly used 30 skills and 9 design specifications [design dry sharing]


Of course, you also have strict adherence to the 5 basic principles of LOGO designers:

Keep the visual balance, pay attention to the lines of smooth, the overall shape is beautiful

Emphasizing themes by contrast, contrast, or border

Choose the right font;

Fourth, pay attention to blank space, give people imagination space

Use reasonable colors. Because people’s reflection of color is more sensitive and direct than the reflection of shape, it can stimulate emotion more.

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