7 original drawing steps and game CG painting video tutorial

At present in the APP design group, there are also some designers in the game and began the practice of drawing the original drawing.

In the group occasionally make some excellent painting design works to share with groups of friends.

Today, the 25 school dedicate some excellent introductory video tutorials for resources and love game CG painting friends.

Game rendering steps

The first part: Game rendering steps

People learn in different ways, personal preferences, learning experience, work experience can be a way of drawing the original artist. So, today 7 original 25 schools are drawing steps for reference.

Step 1: drawing lines

Step2: give the canvas a big color block

Step 3: black and white painted the main objects of light, dark, high light, reflective material and texture effect

Step 4: adjust the brightness and contrast of black and white paintings

Step 5: on the adjusted black and white painting, the main object on each part of the large color blocks

Step6: after choosing the proper color overlay layer overlay

Step 7: adjust the brightness for the effect of the superposition, contrast to make it better


The above is the method of drawing game, when drawing the map of the game can also use the same rendering method. This method is a good method for beginners, but for an experienced occupation original artist, there are other methods can also try!

Draw the game resources


The second part: the game CG video tutorial to share high-quality painting

The quality of CG video game painting tutorial from anime to share. Contains a large number of game CG painting video tutorial Daquan, including Japan and South Korea comics, illustration, Chinese wind, Ou Meifeng, realism, painting the whole series of video tutorial Q version!

Game CG painting video tutorial below is a set of animation to share the. Excellent!

HD Chinese game design tutorial


Attach watch video tutorials address:

1, http://study.163.com/u/meatoo

2, http://v.qq.com/vplus/meatoo/videos

Game CG painting video tutorial download address: Baidu SkyDrive http://yun.baidu.com/share/home uk=3373861969?



Finally, the 25 school hopes CG designers pay attention to the cultivation and improvement of comprehensive quality, the concept designer is still doing the design. The design is a comprehensive discipline, need rich knowledge, such as history and other aspects of knowledge, but also have a detailed observation and analysis ability and logical thinking is strong, of course, of course, the basic painting is crucial, because painting is the carrier, this possibility will come out, to express our good ideas fully so, be a good concept designer, to efforts from various aspects, to constantly improve yourself.

The above content source: http://zhan.renren.com/youxiyuanhua? Checked=true thank you again for sharing animation.

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