Design benefits, 16 cute facial design materials download and introductory tutorial

Now APP, various kinds of expression everywhere, see this lovely, meme Da expression, as a designer, have to design a belongs to own expression package?

Or if you want to easily create their own expression package, fun circle of friends, leading the fashion, the 25 schools provide an entry-level expression package design source file download. Everyone deserves a good learning expression design.


It’s also a school teacher’s welfare! 16 cute facial package design source file download.


These 16 lovely simple expression package design is our best introductory material. Is a rare expression of design AI source file. 25 download the learning school.

Baidu SkyDrive Download


In addition, the school Junlai to share an entry-level GIF expression design and design process of dry cargo. I hope it will be helpful to those designers who like facial expression design.

And entry-level GIF expression design tutorial

Expression design all the expression picture design, expression symbol design, funny face design, cute face design etc.. Can the design process that made.

Also attached to the “entry-level GIF expression design” PDF Download: download immediately



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