A group of Shopping Center logo design and a whole set of brand image design case

25 school today Xiaobian to show a set of perfect shopping center logo design and brand image design case set.

Hope that those who are interested in the brand VI design, logo design of small partners, you can absorb to their own point of the design essence. At the same time, you can also learn the color design of this group of UI design, logo design process.

Shopping Center logo and brand image design

After the appreciation, is it very fashionable and fashionable?. Xiao Bian read the feeling of music as the logo design is also from such a gimmick. Small partners can click to see: 2016 new species of the Internet: music as the replacement of four-color new Logo

So, from the logo VI color, graphics, letters structure deformation, packaging display design skills. In this group of Shopping Center logo set of design and brand image design case perfectly. 25 school think it is a good copy of the case.




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