2016 UI designers road to walk, 4 directions worth the effort

The last 25 schools have also read several articles, saying that unemployment will occur this year, and a large number of private enterprises will die. It was so shocking that I was frightened to death once.

In particular, we’ve been working on an article in the UI industry like “2016 UI design unemployment”! “The article talked about some very critical points.

Is the 25 school reprinted to share with you, the future of UI design development of the four directions. It’s also a route to the professional standards of UI designers.



1, partial operation class UI Designer

Abilities required: creativity, planning, hand drawing, copywriting, English, proposal formulation (order of order of needs)

APP community operation

First, similar to the traditional Internet advertising, all kinds of the first two years of fighting, has made the use of user entrance basically fixed, social micro channel map with High German, with a treasure and so on shopping, so when the fixed advertising industry will head foot, when Jingdong over years of various non integrity the lower limit of the advertisement can be like we prove that this phenomenon.


Second, personal attributes rise, one way we stare at the same application must blaze personalized, various manufacturers of various festival design promotion, all kinds of emotional words inevitable demands, will need a lot of operation type UI designers go out, get rid of the regulations, get rid of the flat demand, graphic design ability, expression hand-painted modeling ability and creative ability of the accomplishment really pulled out of the competition. It’s not something that can be replicated in a few months. It must be one of the most sought after jobs in the future.



2, product oriented UI Designer

Need to have the ability: understand the product, understand UE, understand the user experience, can understand the data, basically to a demand can achieve all design draft to development.

APP community operations 2

Although the Internet has calmed down a bit, but the teacher will return to the top 2016 chestnut feeling continued hot, (we discuss back) so in fact from startup mode you will not see it, large quantities of the boss understand the capital market, understand the team construction, have certain resources, or a traditional enterprise, a mature project so, they need to be a core staff, can establish a separate team, able to complete the best products in the early project alone, but also the way to do a PPT, a high fidelity prototype on the mobile phone inside so cheat, oh no, it is too convenient to pull investment. So this kind of person must be very scarce.


Looking at the world, know there is an article from Google’s designers almost broke, a surprising conclusion, the Silicon Valley in the United States alone UI designer is almost non-existent. If a visual designers do not understand the product, do not understand do not understand the interaction design, user experience design, basically there is no way out.

UI Designer

From this side also confirms that UEUI may be the final form of the real and the development direction of UI. Of course, we can not deny that a large company is doing a variety of positions in the subdivision, but at present the chestnut teachers get a number of top Chinese designer Internet Co feedback, seemed to go in the interactive clear line, read all kinds of books to strengthen their interaction. Try to increase the amount of reading your app app.



3, you can realize your own UI design ideas (code UI designers, such as front end)

Need to have the ability to understand the dynamic effect, can understand the code, website, can independently complete the H5 promotion page, if you can understand the background of those things would be better

APP interactive design

From the stability of the company scale, the general design of a small company 1-2 6-10 development, can work out, the future will be a bright future for developers. But in fact, the development field is being subdivided. So all pass, but do not need a very fine total station designer, no matter when, are Unicorn like magical creatures, see a basically the boss can not walk.

This year in addition to government policies, broaden the two or three line market, Taobao website, publicity type website company, WeChat in the H5 page, with simple presentation by demo, quoting medium inside the words: I want to say is that if you can code, then you are in the field of fighter design. Your idea is no longer a picture that YY can only look at, but you can also make it real, and realize your idea with your own hands. When the code said this not so good, you can roll up its sleeves thundered “give you a look at the labor code brackish!!” So, I believe every company wants it.



4, UI designer who understands some new technology

In fact, the full stack UI designer.


Capabilities required: 3D, video processing, photography, dynamic processing, etc..

Why do you think there will be such a separate field? Just four words — because the VR (virtual reality)


The word “VR” is too hot. Who will do the design of the interface? Don’t think about it. It’s still you! So.. Get ready early. The chestnut boss doesn’t buy the development version hololens.. So what do you need to learn?.. I need to wait and see.

Human computer interaction design standard


The future that we can see is there, the designers who are forced to do it, and we can do it and treasure it. By trying to increase our competitiveness, we can make sure that we can still be happy when the next wave comes.


Best, recently, many companies like to recruit full stack engineers, stack designers, and so on.

25 school proposal is that you can go to the stack UI designers work hard, so your UI road certainly not lack of high salary Offer. May everyone continue, progress and learn on the road of 2016 UI.

Or that sentence: This is the best of times, because the Internet, so we all have the opportunity to start from a point, and deep into, blossom and bear fruit.

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