Enjoy a group of exquisite fleshy watercolor, still so lovely

Watercolor painting is a painting method to reconcile the water transparent paint, the transparent color, a color layer covering another layer can have special effects, suitable for the production of fresh and bright scenery painting.

Today the 25 school to help you gather a group of very fine fleshy watercolor painting appreciation, Meng Meng Da, cute, naughty.

Fleshy watercolor painting 2 Fleshy watercolor painting 3 Fleshy watercolor 11 Fleshy watercolor painting 22 Fleshy watercolor painting 24 Fleshy watercolor painting 1222Enjoy succulent watercolor

The eight watercolor watercolor is fleshy for some meat lovers.

Of course, the 25 schools recommend a painting books to you “fleshy” painting.

“The hand – painted fleshy succulent plants: Classic hand-painted lead color graphic” is a succulent colored pencil drawing skill book, even if there is no basis for drawing, can easily get started. Color pencil drawing picture of the elegant, clean and simple, easy to modify, the heart. 16 kinds of meat plants and 52 species of succulent plants of color, hand-painted illustrations and adorable techniques lead assembly hand-painted wall, take you into the hand and fleshy journey, personally create beautiful pictures of meat, enjoy your fun hand!

Book purchase address: http://item.jd.com/11252517.html

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