Special online trademark design registration platform: special creation

Now the Internet online trademark registration platform design, innumerable, design level and customer service attitude is also becoming more and more common. As a super reliable product of creative design O2O platform. A series of design services such as trademark design registration must be solved online. The real customers do not worry to get their satisfied trademark design registration.

Today, the 25 school recommends an emerging and reliable online trademark design registration platform — special creation.


Creative online trademark design registration logo works
A special creation, focus on brand design integration services platform, focused on the design of intellectual property rights + + to provide enterprises with leading to brand design brand making seamless integration of three-in-one landing service.


A model of Uber heart do registered trademark design platform

4 months, there are 569 companies from the creative brand design easy to get satisfactory service

Cool official website: http://www.techuangyi.com/logo? Source=25xt& 01

Here is a video presentation of the easy to create video:1 minutes and 56 seconds to get a special easily click on the picture you can enjoy the video

Special creation

When you can’t find a good LOGO, a brand creative design enterprise and designer, you should try contact with creative genius!

An industry reputation platform which focuses on brand design standardization is easy to create, and it is also a reliable online trademark design registration platform.

Special creation is the online LOGO design, brand creativity and online trademark design registration quality platform.

Below is the brand creative designs a easy hand appreciation:

Logo creative brand design

Complete brand logo creative design to appreciate the address:


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