34 sets of flat material package download -flaticons.org kuzhan Icon

A weekend of school time, you will spend a lot of time to collect some useful resources to design APP. Today to share with you the 34 sets of very beautiful and practical flat icon design material package.

And the 34 sets of flat icon design material package are free to download oh.

As shown below, flaticons.org is hard to sort out the webmaster free icons flat material package.


Contains a flat, flat Flag Icon material package transport icon material bag, social APP flat icon material package and festival class flat icon material bag etc..

These icons contain a variety of formats of documents, including PNG, PSD, SVG, EPS, AI, and so on, we can dig the proper use of it. Generally used for web design or APP design is a very good material.

34 sets of flat icons: http://flaticons.org/ package download.

Friends who like to collect APP icon materials, or friends who like flat design style, can go to the official website to download.

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