Detailed description of size and fillet size of iOS and Android APP boot Icon

Today in the design of APP communication group, there are a lot of beginner APP design buddy in start icon size and radius size Q IOS end and An Zhuoduan.

Part one: let’s take a look at the size and size of the icon at the end of the iOS

A, iOS6, and previous versions, the radius of the application icon can be drawn by 1/4 corners. 512px size uses 90px fillet, 114px uses 20px fillet; iPad icon 72px uses 12px fillet and so on.

B, iOS7 radius is a formula, this time actually not rounded the icon.

IOS7 fillet should adopt the formula: three x^3+y^3=a (continuous G2 curve)

25 school Xiaobian suggest that you use the existing icon templates.

IOS icon template

The latest iOS, iPad GUI and iPhone icon template design template 2015


Second can refer to the following Apple mobile phone all the icon size under control:

Apple phone -app icon rounded radius and size Daquan


More accurate and close to the radius and the size of the icons on the right side of the said radius are as follows:

Icon1024.png – 1024px – rounded radius: 180px

Icon512.png – 512px – radius: 89.825px

Icon.png – 57px – radius: 10px

Icon@2x.png – 114px – radius: 20px

Icon-72.png – 72px – radius: 12.632px

Icon-72@2x.png – 144px – radius: 25.263

Icon-Small.png – 29px – radius: 5.088

Icon-Small@2x.png – 58px – radius: 10.175


According to the detailed address:


The second part: Android boot icon size and fillet radius specification

Android starts icon size and fillet

Android 720*1280 PX interface design corresponding to the start icon size is 96px*96px radius is approximately equal to 18px

Android interface design 1080*1920px corresponding to the start icon size is 144px 144px radius is approximately equal to 25px


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