APP designer’s favorite design style: flat illustration icon appreciation

By 2016, the flat illustration design style is still more popular. It’s also a mobile APP design style that is much sought after by designers. Now, more and more designers like flat design style, vibrant colors, icons and vector graphics, make the interface more clean and lively.

Direct appreciation of these flat style illustrations of APP icon design, and these works are also worthy of our app designer worth copying works.

A group of delicate and allegorical vector icons

The other 25 collections of APP icons that are more appreciative and flatter in style are more appreciated by the school collection.

Flat illustration icon 3 Flat illustration icon 4 Flat illustration Icon 2

Flat illustration icon 5 Flat illustration icon 6

Flat icon illustration

If you love this flat illustration style APP icon design works, might as well start copying!

Practice a little bit every day, you will have a big step forward, I hope you like this style of small partners can practice.

APP designers love this kind of flat illustration design style, so let’s develop this style together.

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