APP icon material, the latest iOS9 icon template specification PSD Download

The latest ios9 system, a full set of APP icons to the school today, Jun in the App Design Group, see some buddy in the control iphone6 serious icon size. The different IOS systems are found, and the icons are different.

So the 25 school Xiaobian to collectNewestThe most complete iOS 9 full setNewestAPPThe icon templatesUI PSD material.

It’s easy to download the icon template of the latest ios9 system to design your own APP icons.


This is a full set of iOS 9NewestAPPThe icon templatesUI PSD uses itNewestThe official Apple font design. Apple apple square font


This updated version is APP 014.The 4 is.Ios9 NewestSystematicThe icon templates.

The full set of iOS 9 019Contains the mobile phone icons on the screen size, APP and store, the client program needs some icon size.




At the same time this setThe icon templatesAdaptation of iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch app icons. Fits nicely on iMac with Retina 5K screen.

It is by far the most complete and universal setThe icon templates. Fellow students in the 25 school remember to update and download!

Remember! This set ofThe icon templatesAll APP on general IOS system.


So how do you use it?

Step 1: download the latest iOS9 icon template specification PSD

The second step: put your design APP icon on it.

If you don’t know how to design the APP icon can be a copy of the icon template, designed on this basis.

The third step: preview your design APP icon. Simple operation is to put the design icon in the web, access the main screen with mobile phone to preview.

Of course there are xscope-mirror can quickly download the preview in IOS terminal design. … xscope-mirror can quickly preview in IOS terminal design.


IOS 9 full setNewestAPPThe icon templatesUI PSDFree downloadAddress: download immediately

The official website to download the address: size: 236M

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