What kind of icon icon is a good APP icon design?

As everyone knows, whether text or graphics icon icon, is to quickly identify as the basic purpose, to simplify the graph based, derived and tracked the myriads of changes. So it is necessary for icon UI design elements. Especially the design of mobile APP interface, icon icon design is our compulsory course.

In the APP interface design, a icon link icon design is the most important. There are many flowers in the app icon design on time. Before the school gentleman also collects APP icons and buttons of visual design, worth reading.



Then what is the icon icon APP icon design?

Jun Jun collected some APP design experience and dry goods to share with you. Roughly meet four requirements.


First: ICON icon boundaries clear

In other words, the icon of the contour should be clear. Has a strong recognition of. To reduce the cost of the user’s knowledge.

So, icon must have clear boundaries, the best way is clear lines. Most of the App in icon uses this form.

Drawing of APP icon icon

The above 2 is Taobao and WeChat at the bottom of the tab icon, are using linear icon as the unselected state.

Of course, there are the following good physical appicon learning to appreciate:

APP- Icon



Second: the color and texture of the right

The proper implication is that the filled blocks and textures are beneficial to the formation of boundaries. Taobao and WeChat tab at the bottom, we observe the difference between the selected state and the selected state,

APP- Icon 2

The selected parts of the line to closed or unclosed (CART) contour filling color block, this involves another problem, the separation of graphics and background. Fill color and color at the bottom of the tab bar grey still have a clear boundary, so that we can easily be identified by icon.


Third: the uniform angle and space placeholder

Icon contour lines angles tend to be relatively consistent, and generally balanced perspective, such as 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 0 degrees, the three angle contour can give people a sense of stability.

A, angle consistent. For example, iOS Quick Time Player Safari system icon, launchpad and icon are used as the internal tilt angle of 45 degrees for graphics.


Consistency of B and placeholder spaces. The following diagram

APP- icon 3


Especially the Icon icon design of some important events, such as the icon design of the Olympic games. In the series of icon, the unified tilt angle is particularly important. The 45 degree angle is used more frequently.


The fourth: the shaping of sense of space

Icon is necessarily the first plane, most of the icon are used in positive view way.

But some special meanings often require repeated expression of meaning, then show the overlapping relationship space in two-dimensional space, only rely on size constancy. The community icon in the bottom of Taobao tab, and the two dialog boxes overlap.

For example, the icon design of weather class:

Weather icon


There are directly dependent on the perspective line way and so on.


Finally, the APP icon icon in the design of the most basic meaning of existence is to identify, in order to achieve this goal. I hope you can follow the above four requirements. Practice much.


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