White self-study APP design: teach you how to make APP desktop icons

A good APP desktop icon is a sign, image, invisible speaker of APP. You can guide users to click on APP. Or ignite the impulse of the user to interact with it. That’s how we’re going to design the APP desktop icons.

Follow the school Junlai below to see this excellent APP desktop icon design works.

APP desktop icon design

APP design novice to start making APP desktop icons, you need to understand the knowledge points:

1, the corner effect of all icons of iOS and andorid is generated by the system, and the icons themselves can not be rounded. Provides a square APP desktop icon directly.

2. desktop icons (APP icon) design size: 1024*1024 PX

IPhone6 plus (@3x): 180 x 180

IPhone 6/5s/5/4s/4 (@2x): 120 x 120


3, two APP desktop icon to enjoy the inspiration:

Recommend all is fine IOS iosicongallery icon Guinness website and iOS App |iOS free download -Iconsfeed icon icon set


Here we have to LOGO Baidu WALLET Brand Design as an example, teach you how to make a APP desktop icon.

The first step: APP desktop icon sketch

Determine the APP desktop icon design requirement and direction, you can begin to design sketch. As shown below.

Baidu wallet logo sketch design

The finalized APP desktop icon:

Baidu wallet logo sketch design 2


The second step: the use of brand color, color, color link.

Red is the color of brand Baidu wallet, Baidu is also one of the three major brands of red color, which reflects the Baidu money buns brand product, also can highlight the Baidu brand; “red purse” and “Baidu red” two overall color saturation is too high, the use of a large area in the product after a long time of reading will have depression and sense of conflict, so in two brands of color on the basis of adding “Baidu white” fusion. After trying to mix color and screening, and ultimately determine the Baidu wallet mobile page Red: #e94643, for the brand defined color.

Baidu wallet logo draft design 3



Third steps:Refining brand elements

Round: in the round for logo design of basic elements, according to the circular element in logo, divergence and attempt on the part of page elements and space, to show the form of circular, fit the brand characteristics, fit the image of the wallet.

Rounded square: rounded square as part of the logo image, with the role of eyeball, is the special shape of the entire logo image of the square and round, rounded and overall sense of mellow coordination echo

The only dominant color: red is the only dominant color of the whole vision, and the main elements of style elements and highlight elements are red.

Flat: combined with the current mobile terminal flat trends, determine the wallet overall visual style, simple and light, the element in the page module to highlight the style of light.

Baidu wallet logo sketch design 4

The fourth step: according to the design of large size 1024*1024 release to generate various icon size to the programmer.

The commonly used tool APP icon making: Photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, Coredraw, design tools have pixel drawing tools, vector drawing tools, pixel map changes from small to big became blurred, affect the appearance, so usually do over, and then compressed into a variety of small map needs.


The site that was recommended online before the 25 school to generate APP desktop icons:

1, download the APP desktop icon template PSD:

The latest iOS, iPad GUI and iPhone icon template design template 2015

2, online generated iOS app icon or Android application icon website -makeappicon

3, online generate custom APP Icon Font sharp weapon: IconVault

4, online batch cutting all kinds of size iOS LOGO icon to download package: APP


School Jun concluded: according to our own design APP icon logo output icon size has the following dimensions.

Icon size output list: (unit: PX)

  • * 058
  • 120× 120
  • 87× 87
  • 80× 80
  • 58× 58
  • 57× 57
  • 29× 29

Start picture size output list:(unit: PX)

  • * 069
  • 640× 1136
  • 750× 1334
  • 1242× 2208


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