APP design tips: how to design and typeset APP buttons

Design elements of a school today 25 talk about the most common APPButton.Today, icons and buttons have become increasingly similar in mobile app design. Sometimes, icons are just a button.

Button and icon layout design is also a learning, different typesetting will have different visual results. If the details do not pay attention, it is possible to make our products perfectly mediocre, such as buttons, Tab these simple interface elements also need to layout, because the user may click on N times a day.

We here is how to design and layout the app button to learn a good analysis and study.

First of all, to appreciate some better App Design buttons and design ideas.

The first case: button design in social APP.

App button design


The most striking thing about the APP interface is the beautiful button. Such a APP button is a direct way to attract users to click interactive. And the layout of the button and the layout of the entire element are centered, belonging to the central layout of the UI design. Atmosphere sedate.


The second case: the electricity supplier APP button design

This is a very good APP design interface for children’s clothing in foreign countries. 25 schools give you screenshots of these 2 interface is a shopping cart interface design. I hope you can take a good look.

App- button design

This APP button design is very rich. Each element by the basic composition and layout of the button.

But the design is very close and easy to use. What do you think?

See satisfactory as long as the tick on the line. The last big button click on the add to cart.

We should learn the index: you can feel you can feel it


Third buttons design case: app block element button design

Financial APP button design

This app button layout and layout, it should be said that we are the most common, but also a way we are the most commonly used. Especially the home button design app.

In fact, this design house format also belongs to the app button design category. We compared to before the 2 button is not so obvious. But these are actually the evolution of button.


Finally, the 25 school also collected a APP button designed for PSD source file material for everyone.

App button design

Full set of simple style PSD button material download

Of course, before the 25 schools share the code for design of mobile phone APP: visual icons and buttons design specification and small fresh UI button, UI player interface, UI design resources download progress bar elements.

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