18 creative, flat style logo design appreciation

Basically, a good LOGo logo should be simple, but still can quickly attract effectively catch people’s attention and memory. This is the essence of graphic design in LOGO.

So, the design elements of normal life is the accumulation of logo designers must work.

The designer must learn to balance creativity and simple design. Logo design here follow the flat style 25 schools see together 18 very creative.


This sign is to provide a iPad application for the company, collect data and observations for laboratory researchers. The designer with iPad map and a beaker, a symbol of laboratory work.

Flat logo design


The next sign is to create a hamburger device application. It takes full consideration of the design of “B” into a hamburger in graphic design.
Typography logo
Cafe for foreigners
The logo is perfect. People love coffee and retro games.
Cafe flat logo


Lovely duck
Sign here is a simple and beautiful graphic design or a duck.





The trees on steroids
The next one is graphic design, with a small antique, forming a creative logo design.

Tree flat logo


The new lark

This sign by others block is confused.

Pastel flat design


Bee chat

Bee chat has a clever design that combines bees and chat foam as its wings.

Bee logo design



This is another smart logo design, which is based on the theme if the organization. It’s basically a dowel pin and a pencil.

Pencil logo flat

Graphic design course

The next feature is a simple magazine graphic design document on the shelf.
Book flat logo


The world of cells

Cell feature phone and the world unite the symbol of the heart, which symbolizes the company to provide world-class service.

Cell minimal logo


Hamburger hot

This is another pin design as a symbol, this time with hamburg.

Burger flat logo


FishtieThe next sign has a clever design for his title.

Fish tie logo
Cabinet design
This is a sign of cabinet in various colors and contrast.
Ark logo

The real estate brokerage watermelon

The logo combines a watermelon and a city skyline. Created as a Real Estate Company.

Watermelon city logo

Wise Owl

This sign provides a rich and colorful burst, which makes the design more dynamic and attractive.



Here we have a computer mouse that is boiled in a laboratory flask.


Spiritual food

The famous phrase is cleverly explained, with the fork and the brain in the graphic design settings.

Brain logo


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