More than 100 mobile phone APP AI download icon design material

Finding and collecting the right mobile phone app icon material is a shortcut to improve the efficiency of UI design on the app interface.

At present, most of the app interface design is almost the same. Most layout change, color change etc.. Today, 25 schools share more than 100 mobile phone APP design icon AI material is designed for app novice, quickly design APP interface.

For a certain app design experience of children’s shoes, try to draw your own style of app icon. Create China Mobile app interface design style and strive.


The first part of the mobile phone APP design icon AI material


APP icon AI Download

The second part mobile phone APP design icon AI material


APP AI download mobile phone icon material

Mobile phone APP icon AI big picture preview address:

At the same time, the school announced 25 designers chasing wave online website: very mobile app interface design the designer above are worth learning and reference.

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