The winter vacation assignment by the school master: copying the UI design, the great God’s new work

Today is the last day of school for 25 days, as a play. The value of school gentleman, must give you UI buddies layout design, several meaningful UI design work. That is the copy chasing waves online UI design Yoga Perdana new bryant.

Take a look at UI design works of god!


Part 1: copying UI LOGO design

The purpose is simple, exercise children’s shoes circle, polygon, rectangle combination ability. And the use of rectangular work in PS.


Basic RGB

Mini Rocket

Basic RGB



The second part is the operation of three-dimensional: alphanumeric UI LOGO design works copy

Digital logo design

MSH Alt2 Digital logo design 9 Digital logo design 92

Digital logo design 94

Basic RGB


Basic RGB

All right, Mr. Jun will give you the content of the UI design, winter homework! Good school children can spend their Spring Festival holidays and copy them at home. In fact, are very junior UI design logo tutorial.

As long as everyone calm down, first carefully analysis, observation, deconstruction of these UI design works, and then go hand in hand design. This will greatly improve your ability to teach yourself UI. Finally, wish everyone good luck in the year of monkey!

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