APP book “intimate design: create mobile products of high availability”

Not for a long time to recommend some useful mobile APP design books, our team recently bought a book about ituring mobile interactive experience design books.

The name of the book: “intimate design: creating high availability mobile products”

We also purchased from the JD network, many netizens commented that this is a must-have book for learning APP UI design. Is a good stock books to read can learn many useful mobile design experience design knowledge.

The intimate design: to create a high availability of 2 mobile products

This book is a usability test originator Jakob Nielsen masterpiece, high availability on mobile devices, to design your product at a glance, cute!

Of course, the 25 schools that intimate design – to create high availability of mobile products is a highly readable books, the Internet industry “font-size: 12px style= appearanceBut this classic book, published 2 years ago, is still a little bit of a personal book for user experience and interactive design, and it’s a great introduction.

If you like, download the PDF preview! The right way to buy APP books here.

The 25 school reviews the characteristics of APP product design of mobile terminal:

When designing a mobile device, you need to weigh the following two points:

(a) make content and navigation eye-catching enough so that people don’t have to be too hard to find;

(b) for the small screen and slow download speed design.

(C) passing time is the killer of mobile applications

One of the most important principles of (D) mobile applications is to avoid allowing users to register in the first step.


Sina micro disk to download PDF: Download




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