Ui designers need to learn something, you will have a spectrum after reading it

It’s just the eighth day of 2016. The 25 school talks about the UI designer’s career plan, or the person who wants to work with the UI designer!

Here are 25 schools from Chinese UI Designer: Hindy, relevant content of two dimension good blog.

UI Designer

Hindy is encouraging everyone to learn more knowledge, not just staring at the visual vision, just staring at the interactive interaction. In interdisciplinary learning slowly establish their professional direction, then the goal to become a good designer UI, has the breadth of knowledge and expertise in depth.

I saw designer Andrei Herasimchuk interview section, hit my heart. I wanted to express what, but still.

Only those words are summarized as follows: together with the UI designer buddies together to encourage each other!

At a certain stage of your life, you will discover that you have a good place, where you don’t have to spend too much effort to do well. Some people are good at drawing, some people are good at math. Is the same as in the work, you need to find out what you are good at.

Of course you can look “designer model map design recommendation, a small fire to share God”

Mapping model of designer capability

But remember, you don’t have to spend too much energy on it, because you’re good at it. You should try your best to spend time on things you are not so good at.

Here’s my advice: spend time on something you’re not good at. And now there are more and more interdisciplinary things, so you need to know which parts you’re good at, and then force yourself to practice parts you’re not good at. Even if it is only a part of graphic design, color, font, part of the theory of space layout, and emotional connection part; and software interaction design, interactive part, behavior, user research, programming etc..

Any kind of design with a variety of learning content, which is why the design of learning is a lifelong process. So, need to be honest with yourself: OK, this part has done a good job, I will continue to exercise, but I will concentrate a lot less, to do other people doing things not so good. Don’t be a person only one dimension.

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Three stage designer


Share a complete set of UI design knowledge base and the knowledge system of UI Designer

In the end, the author presents a true dry sketch of UI design learning, and the author combs the knowledge points that may be needed by an excellent UI designer, hoping to help the friends who are getting started or confused.

UI design knowledge base

(UI design knowledge base, the scarlet letter said as the first phase of the UI designer must have knowledge)


Of course, the figure for knowledge not all must master, the omission may also point. The key is to determine the direction of their occupation, and then continue to expand their knowledge.

The real studious people will make their own UI design system and framework, and then make their own learning plan. Finally, step by step to achieve your goals. The road to a unique UI designer.

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