APP illustration design inspiration – illustrationserved.

The day before a lot of APP guide page is the basic type of illustration. Many app designers, small partners also hope that they can grow and learn in the illustration.

Then, 25 school Xiaobian to collect a cool great foreign APP illustration design inspiration.

Illustrationserved design illustration of outstanding foreign websites.

Illustration Served features top work in the editorial illustration category.


The full version of the above picture appreciation address:

Official website:

Since there’s an illustration design inspiration website illustrationserved, mom doesn’t have to worry about my APP design anymore! I hope 25 school illustration cool recommandons useful to you.

Before the 25 schools share exquisite illustration:

A group of APP illustration design and appreciation: the choice of Princess fantasy love

Valentine illustration 2

It will be our Spring Festival in China, many enterprises have their own unique illustrations design works. And we see excellent and beautiful APP design materials and APP illustration materials are all for themselves. Quietly collected.


Collect the iPhone interface design and iPhone illustration wallpaper kuzhan appreciation


Today to share with you a special collection of excellent iPhone / iPod-touch / iPod-touch background wallpaper, iPhone.

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