The design of the five electricity supplier, electricity supplier design material and inspiration.

Today the 25 school to share with you five very good on the electricity supplier UI design or graphic design and to exchange business platform. E-commerce designer or electricity supplier designer refers to the electronic business shop design artists such groups. You can also be the designers of e-commerce stores.

With the rapid development of electronic commerce Chinese, Tmall, Taobao,, and other Jingdong, the vigorous development of e-commerce platform, talent scarce, especially the electricity supplier art, art reached more than 3 million of the gap. E-commerce designers and mobile APP designers are always the hottest and best-selling jobs.

To enter the electricity supplier in art industry, understanding some of the more Niubi business designers, the following five business art design material and inspiration. You have to.

The first commercial art design material and inspiration: * 005.

To design network (, China’s largest electricity supplier designer exchange platform. Business gurus are lurking in the design, Chinese gathered most of the electricity supplier 80,90 designers to share this shop design, their creative design, art design and Taobao home page design and other good works.

Design - electronic business design

Design official website:


2 business graphic design material and inspiration to design pioneer

The design of electricity supplier Taobao pioneer focused design, art design, web design, UI design good works sharing website design pioneer _ electricity supplier industry website design.

Design Vanguard

Cool website design pioneer:


Third commercial art design material and inspiration to us: Amoy network

Also known as e-commerce designer dictionary website.

I Amoy network is the most complete and convenient design platform included in the electronic commerce, Taobao decoration tutorial video, PSD source file material download

I Amoy net


I Amoy network official website: kuzhan 5 5 plus a tao.


Fourth commercial art design material and inspiration to the designer: Business Alliance

Focus on the electricity supplier design network, Taobao art, Taobao decoration, design appreciation, Taobao templates, Taobao design tutorials, shop code, electricity supplier recruitment, PSD source file material, design works, design tutorials, the best electricity supplier design communication community.

Dsui e-commerce design inspiration

Web site:


Fifth commercial art design material and inspiration to design: 90

The 90 design is a design for the electricity supplier and material exchange share under the cool thousand nets.

The 90 design is the focus electric design inspiration material library, design communication, learning and sharing development platform, so that the electricity supplier (Taobao design art) for inspiration and material efficiency.

90 electricity supplier design material

Known as the most complete electronic design inspiration material library. Also mainly after 90 users group of electricity supplier designers.

Official website:


At present most of the electricity supplier website are static pictures show the product or product list. Customers point to open the browser, is linked to a static product pictures and descriptions, if more types of products, will occupy a large number of pictures and even multiple pages.

In the future, the design style and trend of e-commerce website will move closer to the mobile APP design style.

More directly using some of the same design patterns as mobile APP, such as cards and class cards layout will become the most commonly used home page design.

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