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This article mainly describes the design trend of the current logo and some good logo website design appreciation.

A we is about “Logo design inspiration to design your logo collection,”

LOGO design small knowledge:

The shadow of the distinction makes an object has stereo feeling and object concavity. The graphics division of free or arbitrary segmentation, giving lively unconstrained feelings.

Harmonious design should be a sense of consciousness and consciousness is a whole coordination relationship, rather than boring, monotonous or disorganized. Asymmetric balance, although there is no central axis, is not symmetrical, but it has a very balanced sense of beauty.

The distribution of image contour changes and graphics and color or shade and can influence the visual center. Different strokes arranged using coarse and fine, soft and hard, heavy and brush, can depict the different texture effect.
About color: pale blue is bright and full of youthful vigor, which is loved by young people, but also has the feeling of not mature enough. Yellow green brings people the flavor of spring, and it is popular with children and young people. Pale pink, with a soft, sweet, dreamy, happy, happy and Wen Ya feeling, almost become the special color of women. Blue can also represent an aloof, melancholy, reticent, light blue represents innocence and purity. Purple is a little lovely, mysterious, noble, elegant, and also represents an extraordinary position. People like the sense of pleasure of lavender.

The first logo design inspiration: LOGO home.

LOGO’s home network is a professional logo design, logo design, trademark design services, hundreds of cases to witness our strength; at the same time, also collect massive foreign logo appreciation and retrieval, for design enthusiasts to provide inspiration for learning and creation!

House of logo

Official website: http://www.logozj.com/


Second logo design inspiration: LOGO circle.

LOGO circle is the mark of appreciation, appreciation, font design logo design logo design, logo sharing network, to provide a display design and communication platform for logo designers and design enthusiasts, from sharing, appreciation, exchange of happiness and progress!

Logo circle

Official website: http://www.logoquan.com/


Third logo design inspiration: Cool Legend – the first font font designer Chinese exchange network

Font legend (www.ziticq.com), is based on the font / logo / brand / creative / Designer / design studio and learn an interactive platform based, have a group of like-minded friends here, they to do not abandon, do not give up, to improve the design level of all, and adhere to the design!

Font legend

Font legend website: http://www.ziticq.com/

The web site has weekly typography open classes. At the same time, a lot of font design tutorials download and learn.



Fourth logo kuzhan design inspiration: LOGO master’s official website – depth study of LOGO design and brand creation platform

LOGO master web is a logo design collection site. You can submit to share your own creations, or just browse them and draw inspiration. You can also use the site search tool to find logo easily. Massive logo appreciation will bring more creative inspiration to designers.

Master logo

Logo masters website has many logo design exhibits and tutorials. A good case to learn.

Address: http://www.logodashi.com/.


Fifth logo kuzhan: Chinese font design inspiration

Font China was founded in 2007, in the past few years, we provide customers with logo design, font design, art font design and other services. We have professional design team, rich logo design, font design, art characters, VIS and other experience, to meet your various design requirements. We promise logo design, font design, art words, calligraphy font service ” design to the satisfaction of ” let you worry free from worries. We will be strict attitude to self, enthusiastic attitude to you, professional attitude towards the project.

Font China website

China’s best and earliest logo and logo design website, is also the first 25 schools to learn logo design website.

Official website: http://zitichina.com/

Finally, we recommend 25 school with font design master currently do good and relevant logo design tutorials and videos.

1, Liu Bingke font design (text + Video Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial)



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