Logo design inspiration kuzhan, logo design collection your article [foreign]

As the saying goes, to improve Logo design skills, you have to look at some excellent Logo design works. In addition to appreciating and learning these Logo design skills every day. Also absorb the different Logo design inspiration every day.

At the same time, the 25 schools share an online production of logo kuzhan: automatic generation of free LOGO online design tool -LoGoTypeCreator

Today 25 school with you to revisit the 10 great Logo kuzhan design inspiration, can we treasure the book worth logo design.

The first logo design inspiration: logospire.

LOGO logo Gallery (Logospire.com) is a website dedicated to showcasing the latest LOGO design works.


Address: http://www.logospire.com kuzhan appreciation


Second logo design inspiration: identityview.Logo Design Inspiration Gallery

It’s a great LOGO display gallery. There are a lot of logo designers out there, and you can upload your logo designs.


From these very fine logo design works, we can find that Logo Galleria is working to collect and display design works and independent logo designers, in order to stimulate and encourage more people to create and develop new logo design works.

Official website: http://identityview.net/


Third logo design inspiration: Logopond.


Logopond is a design platform to display excellent foreign LOGO works and publish LOGO.

It includes some famous designers and design organizations abroad. Address: http://logopond.com/.


Fourth logo design inspiration: design website logolicia to Brazil LOGO


Web site: http://www.logolicia.com.br/


Fifth logo design inspiration: logogallery.

The kuzhan collected thousands of foreign outstanding logo design case and works. It is worth learning and reference.


Official website: http://www.logogallery.net/


Sixth logo design inspiration: logogala.

Laogo Gala

Want to get the depth of observation Logo design? Come to LogoGala designer LogoGala. Logo design is one of the most love blog, depth of interpretation, Logo display design

Official website: http://www.logogala.com/



Finally, the 25 schools also tell you a few words long winded:

Logo Logo can play a role everywhere, brand promotion, access to consumer cognition. The core meaning of Logo is that the brand image design of the outline of the core concise and to the point, the spirit of the brand, to allow users to Logo and linked to a perfect enterprise.

The relationship between Logo and the brand is complementary, good Logo can effectively support the product and the enterprise image, and good corporate image can make Logo more popular. Good logo design also promotes the potential value of enterprise brand.

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