Online generation of flat long projection icon -flattyshadow.

Today the 25 schools to introduce a variety of online generation long flat projection icon website – Flatty Shadow,

There are tens of thousands of vector icon material on the web. The usage is quite simple, just click on the top right of the Get Started can start production, through a simple click, drag, adjustment, you can produce a flat icon.

At the same time, you can change the colors, sizes, transparency of these icons.

The previous 25 schools shared with you practical PS plugin recommendation: long projection design and CSS3Ps plug ins and iconions:, a practical mobile APP icon generation tool


Flattyshadow: online photo is a shadow generation tool can help designers to add a shadow effect icon icon, support icon set shadow angle, support custom upload icon also support on the site selection of suitable vector icon set,

The site collection of tens of thousands of vector icons available. Greatly reduce the UI designer icon of the time, but also improve the efficiency of many APP development.

Even engineers who don’t know how to design can quickly design their own icons.

Online generation of flat long projection icon cool site:

If you don’t have a long projection plugin in your PS, click here to download it


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